‘10 problems the Tories have created this Week’

‘10 problems the Tories have created this week’ | James O’Brien on LBC

James O’Brien reacts to news headlines this week so far, listing the ‘immense problems’ the UK has faced.

He notes these as:
1. Maternity
2. Prisons
3. Schools
4. NHS
5. Care homes
6. Water
7. Border checks
8. Probation services
9. Homelessness
10. Shoplifting

James asks: ‘How did they manage to fluff everything up in such a relatively short amount of time?’

‘Almost every area of life has been decimated… by the arrogance, austerity and entitlement.’

This comes as Rishi Sunak delivered a major speech in London in a pre-election pitch. He refused, however, to call a general election at this time.

Credit to : LBC