‘Four in 10 to quit Private School under Starmer Tax’: Should we feel sorry for them? | LBC

‘Four in 10 to quit private school under Starmer tax’: Should we feel sorry for them? | LBC

Callers react to Labour’s plan on taxing private school fees, with some deciding to send their children to international schools in Dubai or Spain.

0:00 Vinesh in Hillingdon: ‘I’m not sure it should be the case that parents are penalised for taking pressure of the state system.’
1:55 Gordon in Moreton-in-Marsh: ‘I’m going to take my kids to an international school in Spain.’
3:13 Donna in Towcester: ‘I work 50 hours a week in the NHS…Labour are taking choices away from parents.’
4:39 Sam in Wandsworth: ‘We will see private schools closing.’

Credit to : LBC