George Galloway’s Plan to DESTROY the Labour Party

George Galloway’s Plan to DESTROY the Labour Party

George Galloway is one of Britain’s most formidable political campaigners. He has been elected as a member of parliament for four separate constituencies – winning on three occasions while not standing for a major political party.

Earlier this year saw him elected as the MP for Rochdale. That success was, in no small part, because of Galloway’s position on Gaza – and his outspoken criticism of Israel.

But was that merely the swan song in a rollercoaster political career? Or the beginning of something much bigger?

Could George Galloway’s Workers Party of Great Britain become a genuine threat to the Labour Party – particularly on issues of foreign policy – over the years to come?

00:00 Intro
02:11 Victory in Rochdale
05:49 Origin Story
07:23 Israel & Gaza
17:11 The Israeli Lobby
22:54 Jeremy Corbyn
32:49 ‘Woke Politics’ & LGBT Education
54:27 Religion, Euthanasia & Abortion
1:03:25 Domestic Politics
1:11:21 Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell & Keir Starmer
1:20:59 The Workers Party

Credit to : Novara Media