Has Starmer Lost Control of the Diane Abbott Story? | The News Agents

Has Starmer lost control of the Diane Abbott story?

It’s day two of the Diane Abbott fiasco and the Labour party look no closer to getting to grips with the situation.
Keir Starmer insists that no decision has been made on Abbott, but she says she’s been banned from standing. How damaging could this be for the Labour campaign? And how has Starmer allowed it to dominate the headlines for the past 48 hours?
Later, we discuss Nigel Farage’s role in the campaign so far, and ask why he’s getting so much airtime and being treated like he’s a party leader.
And we speak to The News Agents’ official polling partner for the general election, More in Common, on whether the Tory proposed policy of National Service is actually a lot more popular than you first might think.
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