Landlords: Is this the End?

Landlords: Is this the end?

Landlords, it’s finally over.

After months of waiting and furious arguing, the renter’s reform bill has finally passed through the House of Commons, but some of the changes have caused some serious upset.

Yesterday I was invited onto LBC to discuss this with Nick Ferrari and there were some fiery opinions being aired!

But as both a tenant and a landlord, I have a mixed view on the subject and I can understand both sides of the story.

So in this video I will try to give you the most balanced view possible on:

What the new reform is, and how the government has managed to upset both landlords and tenants in the process. .

Plus at the end I will give you my personal opinion on the situation and give you an insider’s view on what’s likely to happen next – which you won’t see reported in the press.

Credit to : Property Hub