Nigel Farage offers ‘hope’ to the UK, argues LBC caller

Nigel Farage offers ‘hope’ to the UK

Shelagh Fogarty debates with Nigel Farage supporter John, who believes the Reform UK leader offers ‘hope’ to the UK.

John, who is a descendent of refugees, also believes that the ‘key to solving immigration’ is to leave the ECHR. Shelagh challenges caller John on his theory.

0:12 Nigel Farage offers ‘hope’ to caller John
0:33 ‘Do you know what he thinks about the country’s education system?’, asks Shelagh
1:29 John says the ‘key to solving immigration’ is leaving the EHCR
2:25 Most immigrants coming over are ‘young men’, says John
3:24 Neither you nor I can say what those people are facing, says Shelagh
4:30 Shelagh highlights the ‘broken’ refugee system
6:12 The legal system will have a ‘better chance’ without the ECHR, says John

Credit to : LBC