Nigel Farage to become leader of Reform UK

Watch live: Nigel Farage to become leader of Reform UK

Nigel Farage has told the conference: “Now we put our operations’ notice today other title emergency election announcement. We did that because we think this election needs a bit of gingering up. Thus far, it was the dullest, boring electoral campaign we have ever seen.”

The new leader of Reform UK said: “We know that taxes will stay high. We know that mass immigration will continue regardless of which party wins power.

“We know that people will get poorer. We also know that crime or fear of crime will get worse.”

He added: “We’re doing better than our former partners in the European Union, but we’re massively behind America and many other parts of the world. We’re in social decline and we’re actually in a form of moral decline. We’ve forgotten who we are as a country.
Credit to : The Telegraph