“People Live In Bushes And Bus Stops” | DARK SIDE Of Britain’s Seaside Holiday Paradise

People Live In Bushes And Bus Stops

Look into the dark side of Britain’s seaside holiday paradise, with heightened concerns about a homelessness crisis. TalkTV spoke to a number of people in Cornwall, who highlighted a lack of affordable housing, the struggles of a disabled man living on the streets, a shortage of rental properties for locals, and the terror of fleeing violent relationships and ending up homeless.
People called for emergency measures to address what is increasingly becoming a crisis.
TalkTV’s Oliver Whitfield-Miocic heard how people were living in unusual places like vans, bus stops, and roundabouts due to a lack of affordable housing in Cornwall.
Homelessness has increased by 40% in the last five years in the Southwest region of England, with Cornwall being the worst affected area.
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Credit to : TalkTV