Rishi Sunak leaving D-Day Commemorations is ‘indefensible’ | James O’Brien on LBC

Rishi Sunak leaving D-Day commemorations is ‘indefensible’ | James O’Brien on LBC

James O’Brien discusses Rishi Sunak’s decision to leave D-Day commemorations in France early to return to the UK for an interview.

‘Here you are, flying back early from a D-Day commemoration to double down on a lie you’ve already been busted for telling,’ James stresses.

The Prime Minister skipped a gathering of world leaders on Omaha Beach as he returned to the UK to defend comments he had made about Labour’s tax plans.

Sunak said it was not his intention for D-Day commemorations “to be overshadowed by politics”.

He said he’d been “honoured” to mark the 80th anniversary in both Portsmouth and France, adding that it was a mistake not to stay longer.
Credit to : LBC