UK Housing Market: why the Leasehold Scam must End | Economics

UK Housing market: why the leasehold scam must end | Economics | the New Statesman podcast

“Crook” landlords are cheating the UK housing system to scam leasehold homeowners out of extortionate rent and service charges, says Barry Gardiner MP.
There are five million leaseholders in the UK who own the space within their home but not the walls, roof or land their property is on. Barry Gardiner MP has been campaigning for over 20 years for new laws to abolish leasholds, and he joins the New Statesman podcast to explain how many homeowners are trapped by “crook” landlords into paying extortionate fees for homes they can’t sell.

Gardiner joins Anoosh Chakelian and Rachel Cunliffe – both current or former leaseholders themselves – on the New Statesman podcast to discuss what the government must do.

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The UK housing market is in crisis. The average house price to income ratio is at its highest level for 150 years. Mortgage costs are rising. On the New Statesman podcast we cover the UK housing market crisis through in-depth interviews and analysis of government housing policy.

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