Wes Streeting gets a grilling over Labour’s Treatment of Diane Abbott | LBC Debate

Wes Streeting gets a grilling over Labour’s treatment of Diane Abbott

As Diane Abbott is barred by Labour from standing for the party at the general election, Lewis Goodall challenges Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting on Sir Keir Starmer’s treatment of the former Labour MP.
This comes after it was revealed by BBC Newsnight that the Party’s investigation was completed in December 2023, despite Keir Starmer insisting the investigations were still ongoing after this date.
This lead Lewis Goodall to ask Wes Streeting to ‘clarify what is happening’ and asks, ‘was Keir Starmer misleading us?’
Wes Streeting insists to Lewis Goodall throughout the interview that Diane Abbott is ‘not his responsibility’, and that he would ‘rather direct his focus on worrying NHS waiting times’.
Lewis Goodall gives his take on the Party’s treatment of the former Labour MP, telling the Shadow Health Secretary: ‘It’s pure factionalism – if she was in Keir Starmer’s faction she’d be allowed to stand again and we all know that.’
‘I think people might think that your Party want to return public life to high standards, openness, transparency and integrity… And you can make a very strong argument this isn’t happening here…’
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